Barcamp Boston 4

I recently attended Barcamp Boston 4, an “un-conference”. There is a nice mix of discussions and presentations, and covering technical topics as well as the business of technologies.

The big board of sessions

Some of the sessions I was able to attend:

  • Good introductory presentation about Git by @qrush
  • QR Codes, mostly covering the ZXing project on Android
  • Discussions on selling iPhone apps, Drupal development
  • Comparing Amazon vs. Google cloud hosting services
  • A review of Tools for Ruby development
  • Review of three frameworks: django, rails and zends and a discussion on client-side web testing
  • Discussions on freelancing, entrepreneurship, and Co-working
  • Some microcontroller sessions, mostly around Arduino development
  • Got introduced to LOLCode, there really is such a thing..

There was a lot of interesting sessions to take in, definatly worth a try if you haven’t been to one.